Crossings AML Settings

Enable AML external DB checks

The compliance module allows connections via APIs to external DB checks. The list of providers are constantly being updated with new integrations. Selecting this option, allows external database checks as part of ongoing AML and KYC requirements.

Once selected, you will be prompted to select your provider from the list provided, then to provide your username and password (of the third-party provider) to connect.

Other functions include;

  • removing a connected provider
  • adding additional providers
  • requesting that a provider be integrated / added if not already on the list of integrated providers.

Once connected you will have the ability to run an external DB check directly from a client’s profile on the customer’s Compliance profile screen.

Refer to the Compliance Profile Compliance alerts section.

To remove or deactivate a connected provider

Delete a connected database by clicking the close icon on the external DB settings on Crossings settings. This will disconnect the API and in future will require logging in from scratch.

To disable a connected provider, simply slide the active slider on the Crossings settings to off.

Show PEP, SIP, RCA and US Citizen alert

If Enable EDD has been set up in the step above, this option will not be available as alerts will automatically be generated by the EDD functionality.

If EDD is not selected, you will be able to set alerts for:

  1. PEP – Politically Exposed Person
  2. SIP – Special Interest Person
  3. RCA – Relatives and Close Associates
  4. US Citizen Alert

Alerts will be displayed on the customer’s compliance profile when either the customer has been flagged as a PEP, SIP, US or RCA.

The Origin of these alerts are either provided from the AML DB query or manually inserted by the client on the registration form or manually set in the compliance module by the compliance officer.

This notification is internal only and will show on the designated monitoring of transaction screen, only after which you are able to use the filter function on the compliance lead table to display all customers that are either PEP, SIP or RCA.

Once a client was spotted the main profile page will turn its color and a red stripe alert will show.

Compliance CRM Profile


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