Approving/ declining a parked deposit

Approving parked deposit

To view, edit or approve a parked deposit, a banker agent can click on the parked deposit entry on the deposit widget. Once clicked, a parked deposit popup will show with the information including the reason for the parked deposit.

The Banker agent has the ability to modify the fields by clicking on the pencil icon. To approve the deposit and charge the customer, the banking agent clicks on approve. This will override the reason why the deposit was parked in the first place.

Declining a parked deposit

A parked deposit can also be declined which will remove the notice as well as mark the deposit status as declined meaning it’s status cannot be changed again.

To decline, simply click on “Decline” and the popup will close and the parked deposit removed from the deposit widget as well as a log created with the deposit entry marked as “Parked Deposit declined”.

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