Banker Profile

The Banker Client’s Profile follows the same format as the Compliance Client’s Profile however, has a few different banker specific widgets to provide the Finance Department with a more intuitive experience.

Widgets that come with the Banker Client’s Profile are:

Profile Widget & Feed

This is the same as all Client Profiles.

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Dialer Widget

This is the standard Dialer widget as found throughout the system. 

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Deposit Widget

This widget simply shows the most recent deposits plus any parked deposits (if relevant).

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Account Balance

Account balance widget shows all the relevant (net) account balances per customer across all their accounts. The widget displays a single total and then a per account list breakdown.

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Withdrawal Widget

The withdrawal widget simply shows the most recent withdrawals plus any open withdrawal requests (if relevant).

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History Widget

Shows all finance related historical events including all past deposits / withdrawals, transfers, credits, bonuses, refunds and warnings (if any). The agent can click on any of the events and review each event in more detail.

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Compliance Widget

This widget simply shows the customer’s current documents that are on file for a particular customer and have been approved by compliance. The finance department user can click on a document and view all the documents provided by the customer.

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