Banker Settings

The settings screen will include all the settings that make up the Banker module. Settings will be set as part of a startup wizard when the Banker module is opened / setup for the first time.

Settings that can be made are:

Supported Deposit Currencies

This is where you can set the supported deposit currencies that will be used throughout the CRM.

Relay Race

This setting manages the relay-race between the difference departments in order to approve withdrawals. Turning this setting off will mean that trading desk will not be required to approve withdrawals.

This function is handy for when your would like your trading desk to review withdrawals before being allowed to be paid. If the relay race is on, withdrawal request notifications will be sent to the trading desk which will notify them automatically when a their approval is needed in order to approve the withdrawal.


Margin required for withdrawal with open positions

This settings allows you to set the margin required for withdrawal when the customer has open positions. This is a safety function for the customers as when a withdrawal is executed, it is automatically removed from the trading platform. If the customer does not have sufficient margin then this may cause the customer to

Withdrawal fee settings

Use this setting to set the standard withdrawal fee your brokerage will charge per withdrawal. This will be applied to the amount taken out of the customer’s trading account as well as displayed on the withdrawal form when placing a withdrawal.

PSP Settings

Here you can manage your PSP/Wallet/Cashier integrations. To link up a new PSP integration, simply click on the gear icon and select your brand from the list. You’ll be requested to provide;

  1. MID
  2. Username
  3. Password

Once you have provided the information the PSP will be integrated into the credit card form. Please note, that our system as a default will select a PSP on a ‘Waterfall’ basis. If you’d like to setup rules based on customers profiles, GEOs et al., please get in touch with one of our specialists to assist.

Action/PSP Prefix

For ease of use, we’ve added the ability to generate acronyms to different types of transactions. Here you can select the action type and provide the acronym thereof.

This is used not only throughout the CRM, it will display the acronym on the trading platform for example when a deposit has been made from Credit Card and the acronym is #cc# it will display the deposit and that it was made from a credit card.

Please note: you will need to add ‘#’ before and after the two letter acronym in order for this to work.

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