Bankers Withdrawals

The withdrawals section will use the Customer Table screen and display all statuses of withdrawals including:

  1. Open
  2. Completed
  3. Cancelled
  4. Declined

From this table the user will be able to open a customer’s profile page with Banker module’s specific widgets.

The user will also be able to filter out data, make mass changes to active clients et al., directly from the leads table screen.


Open withdrawals are all new withdrawals that have not yet been processed. These are first priority for lead serving on the Banker Module.


Completed withdrawals are those that have been processed and funds removed from customer’s trading account and transferred to the customer’s deposit method.


Withdrawals that are marked as cancelled are those that have either been cancelled by the customer or cancelled by a finance user.

Possible reasons for cancellation are:

  1. Customer has decided not to proceed with his / her withdrawal request and clicked on the cancellation button on the customer backend portal.
  2. Customer has requested from the company to cancel the withdrawal request entirely.


Declined withdrawals are those that cannot be processed due to the funds no longer being available for withdrawal or that the user does not have enough margin left in the account if the funds are removed.

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