Brands are different brands your brokerage operates under. For example, some brands have different brands used for Offshore, White Labels, Corporate Authorised Reps etc. Use this when there needs to be a separation between the two entities in regards to reporting, access for users, and or any reason where the separation is crucial.

Brand can only have 1 parent brand. Every brand can have many branches, departments and users in one ecosystem which is apart from other brands in the organization. Every screen within the system, will be showing only clients, leads, excluded leads, users that belongs to the brand. A user assigned to several brands will be able to switch from one brand to the other in the brands menu left bottom corner of the system,  all data shown belongs to the brands that were selected as per their respective role in the organization and its permissions..

Creating, viewing, editing or modifying a brand.

To view your existing list of brands you need to open the configurations module.

  1. Login to your CRM with a user that has permissions to view the Configuration Module.
  2. Click on configuration
  3. Under the expanded menu, select Brands

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