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Processing a withdrawal request

There are two ways to process a withdrawal:

  1. Manually initiate a withdrawal request. This means that the customer has requested a withdrawal but has not used the company’s website customer portal to make the request. Request could have been emailed, or faxed. This requires creating a withdrawal from scratch.
  2. Process an existing withdrawal request (initiated by the customer). The request is shown on the withdrawal widget and can be completed accordingly. All information provided by customer already.

To manually initiate withdrawal request, simply click on “New Withdrawal” on the withdrawal widget. This will open a new withdrawal request popup that will need to be completed manually. A banker agent will need to manually update all fields required in order to process the withdrawal.

The withdrawal form will need to be kept on file which is uploaded directly onto the new withdrawal popup and saved as a Withdrawal form on the customer’s documents.

Wire transfer withdrawals will need need to check if the customer has a bank statement on file (Crossings Documents) and if it is still valid and approved. If no, they will be asked to provide a bank statement uploaded directly via the withdrawal request form.

This will initiate an Approved (missing bank statement) compliance status.

To process an existing withdrawal request, click on the open withdrawal request you wish to process. The request type will show including the subsequent fields that are required in order to process the withdrawal:

  1. Wire
    1. Bank Name
    2. Bank Address
      1. Address
      2. Address
      3. Suburb
      4. City
      5. Country
      6. ZIP / Postal Code
    3. Swift
    4. IBAN
    5. Beneficiary Name
    6. Beneficiary Account
    7. Amount to withdraw
    8. From account (only provide selection of the customer’s accounts)
  1. Credit Card
    1. Amount to withdraw
    2. From account (only provide selection of the customer’s accounts)
  2. Wallet
    1. Amount to withdraw
    2. From account (only provide selection of the customer’s accounts)

Dev note: The above fields populate the popups as well as become the fields required in order for the customer to make a withdrawal on the front end. See API section.

On this popup the Banker agent can then review the information accordingly, and make the withdrawal request.

Withdrawal final processing and checks vary per withdrawal type.

Banker Withdrawal Widget

The withdrawal widget simply shows the most recent withdrawals plus any open withdrawal requests (if relevant).


Compliance is approved but one of the documents are not approved or status is not approved then at the front end it will show an error message for the customer to complete and pull the compliance status and which document is missing. Even if passport has expired.

Withdrawals when a card, and a wallet is / wire is submitted, it will always choose CC to send funds back to. Refer to flowchart above.

A banker agent can click on the any of the listed withdrawals (both approved and new) to view the individual withdrawal details.

Each popup will display the fields relevant to the type of withdrawal.

A banker agent can also view all previous withdrawals which will display in the log popup by clicking on “Show all”. Each individual listing can then be clicked to show the information as above.