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Disabling a Departments

  1. Open the configuration module
  2. On the list of existing Departments, click on a Departments you wish to modify
  3. On the popup, click on the Enabled square to change to grey. This will disable the Departments.
  4. Click ‘Save’

Use this feature when you would like to disable a Departments. In the case where a Departments is marked as disabled, the branch will be affected in the following way/s:

  1. Users that have access to more than one Departments, will be able to login but will not be able to switch to the disabled Departments.
  2. Any actions, rules, events that are in place under the particular brand will cease. For example, the registration form of a Departments that has been disabled will no longer be accessible, nor will this particular Departments selection be available on other linked Departments. Any automatic events such as ‘send email’ et al., will no longer work.

In short, disabling a branch, essentially means ‘death-to-the-Departments’ 😵😬🙊


Creating a Department

  1. Open the configuration module
  2. Click on ‘Add New Department’ button
  3. On the top right click on the ‘Add New Department’ button
  4. On the ‘New Department’ popup, complete the fields as below:
    1. Brand – select the Department that this branch will work under
    2. Parent – select the parent branch this branch will work under. There must always be a branch that is selected here. If this is your first time, use Main Branch).
    3. Department Name – enter the name of the Department
    4. Manager – select the Department’s manager (if you don’t already have one, you can create one later)
    5. Location – Department’s location
    6. Language – select the Department’s language
    7. Time Zone – time zone that this Department operates
    8. Enabled – making this Department enabled. Can easily be disabled at anytime.
  5. Click ‘Save’

Existing Departments will be displayed on the Department table.



Departments refers to company’s department teams, their specific job and the hierarchy between the group members. It also designed to easily inherit all group members’ settings and permission upon adding a new member.

The group can also be used as a desk ( a group of members that sells to specific region) lead serving algo should use the group settings to determine the right leads in terms of time zone, lead language etc. a department has a parent department to be able to create subordination hierarchy.

It is also used to create any department from sales to finance and to marketing. Every department (or desk) will not be able to view other departments’ leads, active clients, excluded leads as well as any other table in the system..

Creating, editing or modifying a department.

To view your existing list of departments you need to open the configurations module.

  1. Login to your CRM with a user that has permissions to view the Configuration Module.
  2. Click on configuration
  3. Under the expanded menu, select Departments