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Creating a Users

  1. Open the configuration module and click on Users
  2. Click on ‘Add New Users’ button
  3. On the top right click on the ‘Add New Users’ button
  4. On the ‘New Users’ popup, you have a selection of tabs. On these tabs you can complete the fields as below:


  1. Upload the user’s email signature. This will be used as the email signature for emails sent from the CRM. Please note, only image based email signatures are supported at this time.
  2. Profile image- upload the user’s profile image. It is used throughout the CRM including on chat.
  3. Username- select the user’s username. Please note the name here will be displayed on the chat too.


    1. Brand – select the brand that this user will work under
    2. Assigned – ????
    3. User Data
    4. A