Crossings Compliance Call Widget

Make Compliance Call

The Compliance Call widget is a version of the dialer widget. It lists the phone numbers of the customer and the ability to make a call directly from the compliance profile.

To make a call, simply click on the number you wish to dial, and the widget converts into a dialer. The dialer provides standard Mute, Record (if not set to automatically record all calls in settings), a dial pad, place call on hold and transfer call to another user.

Mark compliance call as completed

To mark the compliance call as completed, a Crossings user must slide the slider on the top right of the widget to the on position.

Once this has been marked, the customer’s compliance status can be changed to approved.

Skip Compliance Call

If set on the settings below, the compliance officer can click “Skip compliance call” which negates the need to make the compliance call for the customer’s compliance status to be marked as Approved.

If this has not been selected and the top right compliance call completed slider has not been marked, then the compliance agents will not be able to mark the customer’s compliance status as approved.

A popup message will prompt if this has not been checked if the compliance status is being attempted to be changed.


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