Compliance Status Widget

Widget displays the current compliance status of the customer (compliance status can be modified, edit or added via the Compliance Status setting).

Additional quick compliance actions can be taken on this widget as well including:

Freeze account

Completely freezes the customer’s account. Customer is put on read only on the trading platform, and freezes his ability to make a deposit, make a withdrawal, or transfer funds between his / her accounts on the website. This is the highest level account block. In order to achieve the freeze state on the website an API will be defined to get the freeze state.

Close only

Customer can only close open trades (if any) on their trading account/s.

Read only

Customer’s trading account is switched to Read Only (trading platform status), which means they cannot open or close trades but can view all activity on the account. An API from MF to the trading platform will be set to achieve the read only state

Withdraw only

Customer’s account is set to withdraw only, meaning they can still open and or close trades but cannot deposit anymore from the website. An API to MF will be defined to achieve the withdrawal only state

These quick actions can be set to active at the same time, each having it’s own effect. The only one of the above that trumps the others is the “Freeze Account”.

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