Compliance Statuses

Crossings offers your compliance department it’s own unique compliance statuses separate to those used by the different departments across your organization.

Compliance Statuses are used only within the Crossings module and are there to assist with the compliance funnel.

The goal is to show customers that are only relevant to compliance. If the customer has not completed an action that needs approval by compliance, this customer will not enter the workflow of the compliance department unless this process has been manually initiated.

Refer to the KYC section of this document for more information about the Compliance workflow.

The statuses provided by default are:

  1. New: any customer that has never been through compliance that has completed an action that requires compliance approval.
  2. Approved: customer who has completed all aspects of compliance and is no longer part of the compliance workflow.
  3. Rejected: customer whose account has been rejected and unable to open an account with your brokerage. Reasons could include; from a blocked country, known criminal, PEP or other similar reasons.
  4. Missing Documents: is currently in the compliance workflow and is has completed an action that requires a document or has not provided a document.
  5. Waiting for Documents: this is a compliance status given when compliance has requested a document.

You can add a new status by clicking on create new status.

Mark a compliance status as inactive.

You can mark a compliance status as inactive next to each compliance status on the compliance settings page. Once it is marked as inactive, all existing leads with the inactive status will keep the inactive status however agents will not be able to mark new leads using the inactive status.


In future versions MF will develop our translation facilities further however, for Version 2.0 we’ve included the ability to translate Compliance Documents when required.

To mark a document as translation required, simply slide the slider on the Document Approval screen as below:

Once this is marked, the document viewer will include a small free text box whereby the agent can paste in a translation of the document. This translation will accompany the document from then on.

The free text box will only appear if the Translation Required slider is marked for that particular document.

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