Last updated October 2018

This module is used to configure your general settings for the CRM such as Brands, Branches, Departments & setting up users.


Brands: Brands are different brands your brokerage operates under. For example, some brands have different brands used for Offshore, White Labels, Corporate Authorised Reps etc. Use this when there needs to be a separation between the two entities in regards to reporting, access for users, and or any reason where the separation is crucial.

Brand can only have 1 parent brand. Every brand can have many branches, departments and users in one ecosystem which is apart from other brands in the organization. Every screen within the system, will be showing only clients, leads, excluded leads, users that belongs to the brand. A user assigned to several brands will be able to switch from one brand to the other in the brands menu left bottom corner of the system,  all data shown belongs to the brands that were selected as per their respective role in the organization and its permissions.

Branches: A Branch is a physical location/entity that works under a brand. A branch can have only one brand it is working for. A brand can have multiple branches that works under it. If for example one physical location works with 2 brands in the organization, a new branch will need to be established under the second brand.

A Branch can have an unlimited hierarchy that can be established by choosing a parent branch in the branch settings. A highest hierarchy branch will be able to view its subordinate branches leads, clients and excluded clients.

For example, you would like to provide 24/7 back-office service. You have a back-office in Australia, in the UK, and in S. America. All three serve the same brand and provide the same service and function, however; in a different timezone.

Departments: Departments refers to company’s department teams, their specific job and the hierarchy between the group members. It also designed to easily inherit all group members’ settings and permission upon adding a new member. The group can also be used as a desk ( a group of members that sells to specific region) lead serving algo should use the group settings to determine the right leads in terms of time zone, lead language etc. a department has a parent department to be able to create subordination hierarchy. It is also used to create any department from sales to finance and to marketing. Every department (or desk) will not be able to view other departments’ leads, active clients, excluded leads as well as any other table in the system.

Users: Users screen is intended to manage all users in the system, a user is assigned to the organization structure based on the setup entered. The user inherits all his setup from the brand branch and department he is assigned to.

Servers: Creating servers is used to link up your MT4, MT5 and or cTrader trading platform. This is used throughout the CRM and linked to brands, branches or departments.

Note: only one server allowed per brand


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