Creating a brand

  1. Open the configuration module
  2. Click on ‘Add New Brand’ button
  3. On the top right click on the ‘Add New Brand’ button
  4. On the ‘New Brand’ popup, complete the fields as below:
    1. Name – the new Brand’s Name
    2. Website – website’s URL
    3. Range – range of accounts numbers you wish the brand to open on the trading platform (format: 10,000-100,000, first account will be created is 10,000) even if within this range there are existing accounts, the system will locate the first available account within this range.
    4. Time Zone – time zone that this brand operates
    5. Location – brand’s location
    6. Servers – select trading server/s that brand is connected to (only one server allowed per brand)
    7. Groups – select from list of trading groups that the brand will be using
    8. Enabled – making this brand enabled. Can easily be disabled at anytime.
  5. Click ‘Save’

Existing brands will be displayed on the ‘Brands’ table.


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