Crossing Settings

Herein you will find all the settings & preferences to manage the Crossing’s Module. Each category has sub-settings that will lead you through the process of setting up parameters to manage your brokerage’s compliance operations moving forward.

The settings screen is split up into the following categories and sub settings thereof;

Basic Settings

  1. Legal company name
  2. Select a regulatory body
  3. Insert your license number


  1. Compliance call for final approval
  2. Account on read only by default

Blocked Countries

  1. Select a template or manually add countries to “Blocked Countries List”


  1. Enable AML external DB check
  2. Show PEP, SIP and RCA and US citizen alerts


  1. Allow deposits without compliance approval
  2. Allow Parked deposits
  3. Credit card deposit limits


Create templates of required documents for account types

  1. Retail
  2. Joint
  3. Company


Compliance Statuses

  1. Create or rename compliance statuses

All settings are either a slider, option or a tick box. When selected, most will prompt you with a popup whereby you can modify the settings of the particular setting you selected.


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