Crossings Compliance Table

When a Crossings user clicks on Binder they will be presented with a leads table showing all customers that have to be dealt with.

The agent will also have a sub navigation menu bar with quick editing options as well as the ability to filter. Once the agent clicks on any of the leads on the list, they will then be redirected to the corresponding customer’s profile.

Submenu navigation icons are:

  1. Add new
  2. Edit (must have selection)
  3. Export (permission based)
  4. Rearrange and save Columns / display
  5. Reset (to default display)

Quick edit options are:

You can mass select customers on the table and quick apply quick actions. List of quick actions available are:

  1. Change status (if Compliance Department rep, will only show the compliance statuses).
  2. Send SMS
  3. Send email
  4. Send status email

Crossings Table Column Explanations

  1. No. Table Numeric: when one is approved numbers realigned
  2. ID Client ID in MF
  3. Flag Flag as user chooses once chosen all row will be coloured
  4. Read only? State of MT account (via MT API)
  5. Accounts Trading account
  6. Parked DepositWhen allow parked deposits is set to on, these clients payment details is with us and we are waiting for compliance approval to fund it
  7. Account Type Account type as chosen by the customer on the company website
  8. Name Client’s name
  9. Branch Branch client is assigned to
  10. Compliance Status Compliance as chosen by back office manager
  11. Docs Missing The documents that are still missing in his profile (note that a client Passport is expired it will show (exp) next to doc name
  12. Uploaded and not checked Documents the client uploaded and was not checked by back office yet
  13. Reg. date Client registration date
  14. Last upload Last uploaded doc by the client
  15. Balance Manager Account balance
  16. Last Comment Date MF manager
  17. Last approached Back Office last comment
  18. Next approach The last email, Tel, SMS client was sent Next email, Tel, SMS client will be sent

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