Crossings (Compliance)


The Crossings Module is built to handle most of your compliance and AML requirements as required by various regulatory bodies.

To make compliance procedures automated we’ve set up a robust set of rules, actions and events to help you maintain, report and automate.

Crossings module consists of the following core components / sections:

  1. Home
  2. Crossings Lead Table
  3. Crossings Profile
  4. Settings

Depending on the Crossings user’s system permissions, they will see only the above mentioned sections on MF menu. From the above four sections, the Banker agent will be able to manage all the compliance operations of the company.

Only customers that have met the following conditions will show in the Crossings module:

  1. A client has uploaded at least 1 document
  2. An unapproved client made a deposit
  3. A manual initiation by clicking on the “add new” – this means: a registered client that is manually added by a system user.
  4. Active and approved client document expired, will return to the active list.
  5. Active and approved client used a new credit card, will return to the active list.
    1. Clients that return to the active list (i.e. had at some point a compliance status of “Approved”) will a compliance status of “Approved Expired Docs” and “Approved New CC” respectively and will be colored in the compliance leads table.

In order to approve a client for compliance the following items should be checked:

  1. All required docs should be approved both by BO and Compliance
  2. An expiry date for the passport must be inserted and for a date in the future
  3. A date of Utility bill should be inserted and must not be more than 6 months in the past from current date. (v.2 will include settings to determine the period set by system user)
  4. If a call for final approval is set to “on” then a compliance officer will need to manually click and approve the call has been made.
  5. If “allow external DB check” is set to on, then a user must download a PDF from the external DB

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