Crossings Email Templates

Setting up, Managing and Modifying Events & Templates

The Crossings module allows you to setup automatic events using the Rule Module. Automate email, sms and events based on certain rules to more efficiently manage your customer workflow through the compliance funnel.

Automatic Email & SMS templates

To set up, manage or modify Crossings email and SMS templates, visit the Rules Module on the main menu. Once there, select email templates and you will be presented with all the available Crossings department templates.

To edit or modify a template, select the template you wish to edit and on the right side of the screen modify the text.

The same goes for SMS templates, simply select SMS templates.

Rules Module’s Email & SMS templates support the use of Merge Tags that retrieve the information and embed them within the emails.

Supported Banking Module Merge Tags are:

  1. [Client Full Name]
  2. [Client Email address]
  3. [Client physical Address]
  4. [Account number]
  5. [Account balance]
  6. [Parked deposit amount]
  7. [Parked deposit date]
  8. [Credit card 4 last digits]
  9. [Documents status]
  10. [Documents comments (predefined or free text)]
  11. [Compliance status]
  12. [Client categorization]
  13. [Client risk level]
  14. [Account leverage]
  15. [Account stop-out level]
  16. [PEP status]
  17. [Required VS uploaded VS Missing]
  18. [Last deposit amount]
  19. [Last deposit date]
  20. [Passport expiration date]
  21. [Utility expiration date]
  22. [Withdrawal Status]
  23. [Demo account number]

Setup Events

To set up events and what triggers automated emails and SMS templates to be sent, visit the Rules Module and select Events. You can build a new Event or modify an existing template by select one from the list of available Crossings Module Events.

Compliance Email Templates

Beside from the automatically email that are sent to the client based on the events setup,

A compliance user can send a customer an email directly through the compliance module by clicking on the email icon in the compliance profile sub menu or alternatively, as part of a larger selection on the leads table.

Once clicked, the new email popup window will appear.

Using a template

To use a template a department will be selected automatically based on where the user clicked from. This will determine which templates are available to the user. The department can be changed manually if needed.

Language will be automatically selected based on the client language. The agent has the ability to change it.

Then the user will select a template. Only templates that fit the department, and are available in the chosen language will be shown.

The from field will automatically take the MF user’s first name and last name the actual email address will be set when building the original template. MF user will be able to change the display name.

Subject line- this will be the email’s subject line which will be predefined when creating the template.

If a user does not select any predefined template they will be able to manually create an email.

Writing an email or editing a template

In the editor section, the user will be able to edit a chosen template or alternately write an email manually.

When they are ready to send, they click send email.


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