Crossings Deposit Methods

Widget displays the current most used deposit methods of the customer that are currently marked as Active.

The widget also displays a “Parked Deposit” notification if there are any parked deposits. Directly on the widget the agent will be able to mark a deposit method as inactive / not approved by simply sliding the slider to the left.

Once a deposit method is marked as inactive, the customer will no longer be able to use that particular deposit method to fund his/ her account.

The reverse of this is to simply slide the slider back to active, and thus enabling the deposit method to be used again.

Please review the Banker Module specifications that explain how this is blocked at the CRM side vs. the actual PSP or wallet.

Add / edit a deposit method

The Crossings module agent can also add a new deposit method or modify an existing deposit method by clicking on the “Add or edit deposit method /s…” link.

Once clicked the agent will be presented with a screen that shows all the current active and inactive deposit methods that are on file for the customer.

On this screen the agent will be able to:

  1. Add a new credit card
  2. To add a new credit card or wallet deposit type, select the deposit type and complete the fields.
  3. Agents will also be able to select the max deposit for that particular deposit type.
  4. Once saved, it will be marked as active. Any max deposits set here will go toward the total deposit amount (if set) on the settings screen.
  5. Modify an existing credit card / payment method

To modify an existing payment / credit card method, see the approved / active list. You can edit the fields by clicking on the pencil icon when you come close to the item with your mouse.

Approved and active statuses are different. Approved means that the card is approved to be used by compliance.

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