Deposit Prep & Approval

Deposit Prep and Approval is a table that is used to show the cycle of deposit preparation and approvals.

The table list is split into two parts, Deposit Prep and Deposit Approval.

Deposit Prep

This function is used when a deposit has been manually added by a user that isn’t approved to clear a deposit. This can also be used by Back Office, Trading Room, Sales or Retention users that have the permissions to prepare a deposit or request on behalf of customers.

Examples of Deposit Prep types:

  1. Deposit (Credit Card, Wire, Wallet)
  2. Bonus, Credit, Refunds
  3. Zeroing, adjustments

To setup a Deposit Prep, simply click on the action menu icon and select new Deposit Prep. You will be required to complete the on screen info which will then proceed to complete a Deposit Prep entry which is then added to the list of Deposit Approval that need to be approved.

Deposit ApprovalĀ 

The Deposit Approvals are a list of Deposit Preps that require sign off and approval in order to be completed. Usually it’s only those that are able to (have permissions granted) can view, edit and modify a Deposit Prep and approve it.

To approve a deposit, the user should click on a Deposit Approval request and approve it. Once approved, the deposit will be processed and the customer funded.

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