Disabling a brand

  1. Open the configuration module
  2. Choose Brands
  3. On the list of existing brands, click on a brand you wish to modify
  4. On the popup, click on the Enabled square to change to grey. This will disable the brand.
  5. Click ‘Save’

Use this feature when you would like to disable a brand. In the case where a brand is marked as disabled, the brand will be affected in the following way/s:

  1. Users that are under this brand will no longer be able to login.
  2. Users that have access to more than one brand, will be able to login but will not be able to switch to the disabled brand.
  3. Any actions, rules, events that are in place under the particular brand will cease. For example, the registration form of a brand that has been disabled will no longer be accessible, nor will this particular brand selection be available on other linked brands. Any automatic events such as ‘send email’ et al., will no longer work.

In short, disabling a brand, essentially means ‘death-to-the-brand’ 😵😬🙊


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