Release notes for v1.5.91

Release Date: 13 December 2018 | Status: Live and functional.

Registration Form (Customer Portal)

  1. Disclaimer was fixed
  2. Added the following data to the appropriateness test as per latest EU regulatory updates:
    1. Profession
    2. Employment Status
    3. Are you a PEP
    4. Are you a US client


  1. Fixed a bug with the insert comment function in all lead profiles that prevented inserting longer comments and any use of symbols such as $#%@,! et al., and changed it to allow up to 2000 characters per comment.
  2. Fixed a bug where updating an email address on the customer’s full profile was not being saved/updated in the database.
  3. Added the phone number to full profile so it can be edited. Note: currently there is no validation on the phone number itself on the CRM side, so letters can be added as well. Validation does happen when a customer first registers, so this only applies to updating a phone number once inserted in the system via the customer’s profile on the CRM.
  4. Save grid position now functional. User modifications to the tables such as column width, position, add or remove columns etc… in the CRM are now saved. Users changing page or logging in and out will have their previous preferences to tables displayed.
  5. Fixed an issue with redirection of brands where users accidentally register to a different brand within the company’s available registration forms. Now the brand registration URLs are controlled within brand settings.



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