Release notes for v1.6.0

Release Date: 24 December 2018 | Status: Live and functional.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that took more than 40 seconds to open a live account, it now takes 12 seconds and it will be improved more
  2. Fixed a bug where leads used to be excluded upon first registration
  3. Fixed a bug in compliance where comments that was inserted on a specific doc were not saved.
  4. Fixed a bug where password were randomly created for MetaTrader account, now passwords are the same for website and MT4
  5. Fixed a bug in portal header where clients were not shown their balance.
  6. Fixed bug where accounts were opened in both read only and disabled, now will open in read only mode.

New Features:

Account types

Account type settings, it is now easy to direct clients to specific account types based on the
following criteria:

  1. Country
  2. Affiliate ID
  3. Campaign ID

Note! if you choose one country or affiliate id or campaign on one account type, and you aim to only show this account type for this specific audience make sure you remove the country from other account types.

Note! If no country is chosen it will apply to all countries, same as for affiliate id and campaign.

You can choose several affiliate id’s or campaign comma separated

Account types comments

You can describe your account type in all languages (non-translated comments will be shown in English)

Account types average spreads and commission

You can display account types average spreads or commission by entering values in the appropriate fields.


Added tokens to all API’s, API’s are now secured with a token to prevent unauthorized access to the Database.

Dropped step 2, appropriateness test and professional account

Rules have been added to create an event when client dropped one of the above steps, it will now show an event when set in rules.

Deposit prep and approve

It is now possible to add funds to client’s account using this feature.

Parked deposit

It is now possible to initiate and execute a parked deposit only if the deposit currency and account currency match

5 minutes idle time

Client front end will now kick out from logged in state after 5 minutes of idle time.


Now when moving a lead that assigned to a rep straight to excluded table system will remove the rep associated with that lead.

Compliance and appropriateness test status

Are now shown on clients portal:

When completing appropriateness test, the option to do it again is removed from menu options.

Known issues

  1. Can’t view documents from client’s portal
  2. When client docs have been checked, client is not moving to user’s pending
  3. Deposit with Skrill doesn’t work, can be done manually for now
  4. Deposit prep and approve transaction type is not saved therefore can’t choose it
  5. From parked deposit there is no currency conversion being done
  6. There is no success or fail message when executing parked deposit

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