Crossings Required Documents Widget

This is the core widget of the compliance department as handles all the company’s KYC requirements.

Here the compliance department will be able to set certain documents as required, generate new documents, review documents to meet regulatory requirements as well as manage the customer’s entire flow through the compliance funnel.

The widget’s main screen shows all documents that were marked as required as part of the client’s classification and the template chosen in the settings.

Marking a document as required

By ticking the tick box to blue, the agent marks a document as required. Once this happens, it automatically adds the document to the required list.

The name of the document is displayed as well as the count of documents received. Additionally, once a document is showing as required, the two approved sliders need to be marked to approved in order for the system to allow the customer’s compliance status to be marked as approved.

If a document is not marked as required, has not been provided by the customer and all other required documents are marked as approved then the customer’s compliance status will be able to be marked as approved provided all other limitations and requirements met.

Viewing, reviewing or updating document details

To view a document, click on the name of the required document. This will open the document manager popup where all the documents provided for that particular required document will be displayed.

Here the agent will be able to review a recent document by completing the fields. Additionally, can view all the existing documents and comments.

To view the document, click on the document name link and it will open the standard document viewer window.

Approving / rejecting a document

Once an agent has reviewed a document he /she can mark the document as approved directly on the document manager screen or alternatively, update the required document field as approved on the compliance document widget itself.

If a document has not been approved, the document field will continue to be required and will show as required on the automatically generated emails that get sent out to the customer.

Adding a new document

To add a new document (required or not) the agent can click on the additional document and then will be presented with the Create new document popup screen.

An Agent can create a document from scratch for specific clients by adding the name of the document the document acronym set if it is required or not, and if it sets as required it will not allow you to save the

On this screen the agent will need to select the type of document and provide a name, an acronym and mark if the document is a required document or not.

The types of documents that can be setup are:

  1. Client provided document
  2. Company provided document to the customer to sign or complete

Based on the type of document, the agent will be able to create a new compliance document.

If it’s a company provided document that the customer needs to complete or sign, the agent will be presented with an option to upload a document that can be sent to a customer.

Once completed, the document will show on the main widget either as required or not.

System Document Statuses

As clients upload documents and go through the various stages of compliance, the system compliance statuses will apply.

You can create these statuses or modify their names via the Crossing’s Settings page under Compliance Statuses.

These statuses are used for structuring the document onboarding procedure and making the process clearer on a per document basis for the customer.

They also are used to trigger compliance notification emails informing the customer their document status per document. 

For example: if a compliance department agent marks three documents as required on the customer’s profile, it will send the compliance email template with the status [doc name] required in a list format listing all three documents.

The customer then uploads two of the three documents and compliance agents mark the two as approved, the customer will get the compliance email template with the status [doc name] missing, [doc name/s] approved.


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