The Retention Module is the main working module of your Retention team and has everything the Retention Users will need in order to work efficiently.

Items under the Retention module are user and brand specific.

The module is split up into sub-menu items as below:

Today’s Tasks

Todays tasks is a list of tasks that the CRM has determined that the user should be working on today. These also include tasks that were manually generated such as reminders.

The core of the tasks are based on events that customers complete requiring an action, rules and status workflow.

Clicking on any of the table items on Today’s Tasks list will open up the profile of the user in question.


The Reminder’s table is a list of the user’s set reminders. These are manually placed in by the user and will display on the table when the reminder is due.

Status Workflow

Status Workflow are a list of preset actions that determined by the Status Workflow settings. This will automatically generate events or actions for users to complete based upon set triggers.

My Clients

The My Clients Leads table is the user’s active leads that are under the Retention Agent.

My Partners

My Partners shows a list of the user’s Partners (IBs/Affiliates). Clicking on any of the rows on the table will open the Partner Profile which is tailored to provide all the information about your Partners and their customer’s activities.


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