Sales Manager Settings

Sales Manager Settings is used to setup the Sales Manager, FTD and Retention modules, flow and rules.

The available options and descriptions are broken down as below:


Generalised Sales team settings.

  • Set time to alert before reminder
  • Allow lead serving? (if turned off it means the functionality of lead after lead is turned off, the CCR will now work on sticky leads table)
  • Days to keep alerts, reminders and status workflow on my today schedule
  • Default for max Sticky leads for all departments
  • Min tasks for today’s schedule (not including live Events)
  • Seconds to view profile before automatic call executed

Incoming Call Settings

Set where known numbers (system recognised telephone numbers or existing customers) and unknown numbers will be routed to automatically.

  • Known number
  • Unknown number

Local Number Settings

Set the routing rules for your incoming calls to numbers connected to the CRM. You will be required to set the telephone numbers and the department/extension that specific telephone number should route to.

You will be able to create a per number rule.

Sticky Leads Settings

The Sticky Leads Setting allows the Sales Manager to control how many sticky leads the FTD team are able to have on their user at any given time.

This is on a Department level and all users that are under that particular department will be limited to the amount of Sticky Leads per Department set here.

New FTD CCR Allocation

Use this setting to setup some more advanced FTD & Retention allocation rules which the CRM will automatically execute based upon.

First you will need to select the department, once selected, you will need to generate the settings per department as per the below.

Settings offered:

  • FTD rep is also retention?
    • Used when the FTD users in the particular department also happen to be Retention users.
  • On FTD + retention sales role, allow jumping from lead to client when clicking next and when using lead serving?
    • This will force the lead serving algorithm to serve a mix of the highest priority leads from both Retention and FTD modules. This will only apply when a user is both FTD and Retention.
  • Manually allocate new clients to retention rep?
    • This setting will allow only manual new lead allocation to Retention users vs. the automatic allocation that a purely FTD user will have in place.
  • Use Allocation tiers?
    • Allocation tiers are based upon the score of the users. If enabled the allocation will be based upon the rules set out in the CCR evaluation settings.


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