Sales Manager

The Sales Manager module is used by the Sales Manager to manage the users underneath them. The system is made up of sub-menu items (listed below) each providing the Sales Manager with the tools required to more efficiently manage their customers.

CCR Evaluation Settings

This table is used to manage the FTD and Retention user scores and their targets. The scores determine at which level they are and what sort of campaigns and leads will be automatically assigned to them (if required).

This is also used to follow progress and upgrade/downgrade users.

CCR Tasks

Clicking on the CCR Tasks will display all the FTD and Retention user’s tasks that are under the sales manager.

Filtering is possible to segment. Clicking on any of the events will open the user’s profile.


Sales Manager Settings is used to setup the Sales Manager, FTD and Retention modules, flow and rules.

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Duplicated Leads

Duplicated Leads table is used to manage duplicated leads (if any exist). If there are duplicated leads within the brand you are viewing, it will be displayed here.

Duplicated leads can be managed by clicking on the merge button after reviewing the duplicated lead’s information. Duplication merge will simply combine the two into one without deleting information.

Real-time Events

Event’s table is the main table used to get an overview of all events that have occurred throughout the CRM. Clicking on the event will open the user’s profile that has caused the event to happen.


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