Release notes for v1.6.1

Release Date: 29th January 2019 | Status: Live and functional.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed date format on profile comments section that display in the feed. Now showing date and time correctly.
  2. Removed the duplicated Branch column on the lead management tables and column selection slide out.
  3. Account and Balance widget fixed, now displaying converted sum of all accounts in USD with a sub list of all accounts in the base currency, with the amounts. Added show all accounts to Account and Balance widget that opens a popup and lists all available accounts for the customer with their respective balances. Currently only displays the most recent three on the widget itself.
  4. Load icon size used when a page is loading has been increased to make it more visible when page is loading.
  5. Fixed password reset for both website and MT4 within the customer area. Now works for both website and MT4. Removed the requirement for the old password to be inserted in order to change it to a new one. The reset password email not being sent from some brands from the sign-in page was fixed too.
  6. Added back to website next to the logo on the customer portal for all brands. This allows the customer to click back to website and be redirected back to the original brand’s website.
  7. Fixed account types display to show the account type with the lowest minimum deposit size first at all times. This rule applies for all brands regardless of settings and or order on the Registration Settings page.
  8. Fixed bug with Compliance Settings failing due to missing default values for Status Email interval and status Email template. Now possible to modify and edit compliance settings.
  9. Fixed bug where ZotaPay, Skrill and DotPay transactions weren’t returning a response to the CRM and in turn not inserting successful transfers into the MT4 trading platform. Now all three deposit methods go into the MT4 automatically.
  10. Fixed responsive/mobile UX issues on customer portal, front end now fluid, functional and fully responsive (all pages).
  11. Added time to date format on all lead tables. Now will display in the following format DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS.
  12. Fixed Google Maps on customer profile, now when the map icon is clicked, it opens a popup with Google Maps showing the location of the customer based on the IP address location they first registered on.
  13. Fixed the ‘show customer” documents popup on the sales’ profile widget. Now when the icon is clicked, it opens up a popup showing the customers approved documents only. If a user clicks a document, it will open a new tab with the document to view.
  14. Fixed bug that leads weren’t always showing on CCR user’s Sticky Leads. Now regardless of user’s Department, any lead that is assigned to a CCR will be shown in the Sticky Leads table for the User.
  15. Fixed the Compliance Status widget on Compliance Profiles to show the compliance status.
  16. Fixed the alignment on the column select slide out where select option squares weren’t aligned with the text.
  17. Fixed the alignment on tables with the select row squares on the first column of lead tables.
  18. Fixed select row, now works with one click selects, double click opens the profile. Ability to multiple select rows by holding down the Control key.
  19. Fixed alignment design of pagination on lead tables. Now all in the same row and functioning.
  20. Fixed the PDF downloadable wire transfer instructions that customers download from the Wire section on the website. Now displaying the correct details.
  21. Removed the required comments field on withdrawals so that it becomes optional and customers can continue without having to provide a comment.
  22. Fixed Pre-Deposit Success error where the deposits weren’t going to Deposit Success status. Now when a success, it will change to deposit success and if declined, it will go to failed.
  23. Fixed minimum deposit issue, where customers were able to deposit less than the minimum of the particular account type. Now users can only deposit equal to or more than the minimum deposit amount per account type.
  24. Fixed Partner’s profiles for Retention and FTD modules on the CRM. Now information is displayed clearly on the widgets on the right side.
  25. Fixed design to comments section, now each comment is on its own block. Additionally, comment will only show the reminder icon and date when there is indeed a reminder setup. This has also been fixed for partner profiles accessed from FTD and Retention modules.
  26. Fixed transaction table to allow the user to be able to open the profile from the transactions table directly. This is the Banker’s view of the profile and long term will be used by users that have Banker’s module permissions.

Known issues

  1. Account types not showing on customer’s Accounts and Wallet pages as not currently available from the API (both mobile and desktop).
  2. Balance & Compliance Status comments on tables showing NULL values.
  3. Currency, decline reason and PSP/Wallet name not displaying on the transaction table.

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